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U.S. Bancorp (stylized as us bancorp) is an American bank holding company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and incorporated in Delaware. It is the parent company of U.S. Bank National Association, and is the fifth largest banking institution in the United States.. The company provides banking, investment, mortgage, trust, and payment services products to individuals, businesses, governmental entities, and other financial institutions. It has 3,106 branches and 4,842 ATMs, primarily in the Western and Midwestern United States.

An angry customer shared his experience, "US Bank Mortgage department is a complete nightmare to work with. I have had my loan with them for about 10 years and have made every single payment several days before the date due, but I have unending problems with escrow. They demand copies of the building insurance policy yearly, but my agent has to submit multiple copies and have multiple conversations with them before they finally acknowledge receipt. They have demanded policies from the insurance company that insures a different property than the one on which they hold the mortgage. I had to call them to point out that the property address they listed in their letter was not the address of the mortgaged property. A year ago they sent a letter stating that they would no longer escrow the insurance premium on the mortgaged property and I would need to pay it myself. I didn't find out that this was an error until today when I called to ask why they were still escrowing the premium. By this time I had already paid my insurance premium and so had they. I had also called US Bank Mortgage two months ago about why they were still escrowing the insurance premium. I was on the phone for one hour and 45 minutes, was transferred 4 times, and finally gave up after being placed on hold by a customer service supervisor for over 30 minutes. Every time I need to call them I have to be transferred multiple times and there is great difficulty getting to the person who can solve the simplest problems."


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Vault Teller (Former Employee) says

"You get to meet some amazing people but the management is poor. Managers/district managers treat staff horribly. You're definitely treated like a number. All they care about is their quotas. The pay is definitely below average nonebad insurance, bad pay, bad management"

CDO Loan Asset Administrator (Former Employee) says

"This has been the worst job I have ever had after working years in the industry... Please read this review if you plan to be a CDO Loan Asset Administrator in the Boston office. Boston in particular, has some of the worst management for this department. Management constantly sends out rude and demeaning messages to those who work under them throughout the day and is much worse for new people. I had about 20 different people training me and it was easy to tell that no one wanted to take time out of their day to train new hires. As the new people struggle in the first few months no one offers help, including management. Most new people quit in the first few months, as a new employee I was told everything gets better after a year. That was not true. I felt uncomfortable going into the office everyday because of the tension this management creates with employees under them. I do not recommend this job to anyone, they make promises they cannot keep. There are multiple managers that bring in iPads and watch Netflix in their cubicles during "slower days" instead of teaching and training new people. It was a horrible experience to say the least. Very repetitive work.none..demeaning management, hostile work environment, not enough pay/ no raises"

Senior Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Confusing place to work, management blatantly played favorites and games with employees by being purposefully unclear and contradictory to force you to quit."

Personal Banker (Former Employee) says

"every interaction no matter how minor need to be geared towards sales. We were told to constantly, mercilessly push credit products and never, ever take no for an answer. Pushing us into very unethical territory. noneno breaks, lack of leadership, low pay, low staff, low morale"

CDO Loan Asset Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Training is absolutely horrendous, no one is willing to help or shadow new employees. Management is even worse, they are mean, entitled and make anyone under them feel like they have no idea what they are doing. I've heard the same complaints from colleges in the Boston office as well, saying the work environment from management there is worse. No one lasts long in this role and management can't seem to figure out why.. If I could give US Bank zero stars I would. I completely blame management for there lack of interest in employees.nonemanagement, benefits, work environment"

Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"US Bank made poor management decisions. Management was not well trained and therefore did not understand income statements or balance sheets. They made decisions that has put the company in worse situations.Great Training OpportunityTerrible growth opportunities"

Initial loan processor (Former Employee) says

"If you don't look a certain way, catch to many mistakes that others have made, work to quickly, they will not hire you. They also do not work well if your child is suddenly sick and in ICU."

Case Processor (Current Employee) says

"You are just a number. When you get hired they act like you are part of a great team, but as the work piles up you soon learn that it’s all about the bottom line. Pushed to work harder, longer hours, no incentive, no work-life balance. Pay is sub-par based on competition and benefits are about the same."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"don’t do it Not a good company to work for I will not do it if I were you You’re overworked consistently the pay is decent the hours are horrible no."

Loan Processor (Former Employee) says

"Worked a week and at the end of my shift I was asked not to return to the premises with no explanation at all. I did nothing wrong intentionally and was never even gave a hint as to what I did wrong. I wasn’t told until I left and worried I wouldn’t get my belongings back."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"After years of loyalty I was let go. In those four years I was sexually harassed, blatantly lied to time and time again by management, policies seemed to change-just for me for the situation-to benefit the bank, statistics were not correct, I was in constant fear of losing my position, etc. You cannot document due to security reasons, so your word is against theirs. Do yourself a favor, work somewhere else! I’m not the only one."

Training Team Lead - Residential Mortgage Default Management (Former Employee) says

"Managers don’t care about employees or customers. Everyone is chasing bonuses and trying to find ways to fudge numbers to get them without regulators finding out."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"You will handle customer calls similar to handling bank transactions, calculating fees, activation, closing of accounts, and mobile website questions. The positions are physically in their call center. I was hired for a permanent career position, but was told my first week that there were a group of new hires (hired after us) ready to step in and, our jobs may be cut due to COVID-19. Two weeks into my position, almost half my team abruptly left due to "flu symptoms". We were all told this in an email the last few minutes of a Friday shift. Nothing was said what the plan for our team was, if it turned out any of our team-members tested positive for COVID-19. In our town, citizens have repeatedly been told that only medical or emergency workers are allowed to get tested. So, in our US Bank call center, with little ability for workers to be tested for COVID-19, we may perpetually be working alongside co-workers + for COVID-19. Other US Bank Call Centers have had positive COVID-19 cases. In the weeks I have been here, I asked my manager if they could enforce social distancing, or tell employees and managers to cover their sneezes and coughs. My manager responded "that is the way it is here. You will have to deal with it." They said US Bank would not provide face masks. At the same time, the feedback to our whole team is that we have done very well in our training and knowledge testing. So, it is hard to understand why we are not supported in a safe workplace, and are told we may lose our jobs due to COVID-19, when we are obviously doing our jobs well, and are on time.Health Insurance, Cafeteria, Pension, Paid HolidaysJobs not secure in Pandemic, Constantly Rude Security/Existing Workers"

Contact Center Personal Banker (Former Employee) says

"Do not apply unless you are a Democrat. All Republicans are racist. You will be lucky if you get the help that you need. They go out of their way to make sure that you don't get the time to do all the online training that they want you to do. Just so they can use it against you.NoneNone"

Call Center Collector (Former Employee) says

"No words needed. A messy female supervisor that had some type of God complex. No clear communication from mgmt had to walk on eggshells. Never would work for them under any circumstances"

Collector (Former Employee) says

"It was ok when I first started. They opened an office in Kansas City. Once that office was complete it was terrifying. They hired a man to come in and terminate most of the staff. Cut the wages and bonus structure. They fired a whole department at a meeting, very tacky. After working there 11 years I found another job. I would estimate they only kept a handful of people. There was a lot of racism at the office. I would not recommend working there."

Senior Teller (Former Employee) says

"Every aspect of this company needs to be improved. Communication, technology, and culture. You are not encouraged to work hard but, rather to be a fall in line robot and only do the bare minimum."

Universal Banker (Former Employee) says

"I was hired on when they were in between switching managers at my branch, the first manager was amazing! He understood his employees, protected his employees. Made it a fun and comfortable experience working there. Upon the switch of the managers, the manager they replaced him with was completely incompetent. Worried more about his numbers and making numbers then pleasing his employees and customers. Made employees uncomfortable working there and multiple cases were filed with HR. & nothing was done, instead they told the manager the complaints that were made which I believe defeats the purpose of filing with HR. Once he heard about the complaints, it got worse. People ended up starting to leave a month after him getting there. People that had been there 5-6 years up and left within a month."

Access Online Technical Help Desk Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Inadequate training. Unrealistic expectations regarding work availability. I was expected to be on call at all times. This was not sustainable or realistic. Also, it really wasn't necessary for someone to be available at all times."

Rps Collections agent (Former Employee) says

"No comments everything I was told in training had very little to do with my position. You learn everything once you hit the floor you do all of your training via skype which is hard if you want hands on training"

Ready2Change says

"They keep changing their web interface and for the last 9+ months most of the time am unable to log into my account. Even their CEO Exec Asst has been unable to help."

Baylor Langley says

"Terrible experience using them
I've lost thousands in the span of 3 months...I don't plan on using them again but also happy cos ruxyleyin vestment .co/re covery fought for me and retrieved my money."

val says

"I have my mortgage with us bank and make payment every 2 weeks. every month i get a statement that i am 2 months behind although i have never missed a payment and pay more than the monthly amount. Its pout in an escrow account so its a late payment. will be refinancing with someone else."

Junie Young says

"Worst bank never ever want to have an account in there. Specially sham on Fernanda Coldton. She is a big liar!"

Joseph Rodriguez says

"So I disputed a couple transactions that I got cleared up on my own so I thought I was doing the right thing reporting it to ReliaCard letting you know what happened this was on November 20th 20/20 so they cut my card off as I'm talking to the fraud department without letting me know not even letting me know so I can pull out my money she perceived talk to me how do you telling me that she's going to send me another card I'll receive it and 5 to 7 business days so I get the card cannot activate it I have $800 on there I called ReliaCard they finally send me a ID verification me I send all my information about 15 times they're saying that is unreadable which is not true because you can push the screen to take your picture for the ID verification a thousand times and if it's not focused it would not take it so this is still going on I finally got a lawyer and I've talked to him today and they're still not releasing my money I don't faxed all my information like they asked me to put my ID number on there I've gotten hung up on many of times so I'mma go ahead and continue bugging them everyday as my lawyer told me to record it and I'll have it all ready for court if interested get back with me I'll be more than happy to give you my lawyers information usbankreliacard trash and if anybody is doing fraud it's them do not recommend this company to anybody. The good thing coming out of this if I have an appointment tomorrow with the news so they will be blasted on the news so stay tuned"

Greg says

"I am customer with 3 accounts. Called about problem- electronic answering. Put on hold then disconnected. This happened 5 times. Called national number and electronic voice said 30 minute wait. I waited. Representative said she had to transfer me to her supervisor. His line went to voice mail and said his massage box was full, then hung up on me. Not just terrible service, NO service ."

Ariana Crispino says

"Worst card and bank ever. Ordered my card December 1st it’s January 5th and it has not been received in the mail. Every time I try to call I wait an hour plus just to get hung up on or actually NO help at all. Over $1,000 stuck on this card and it seems like there’s no hope. Still have not received card."

jade Adeoye says

"this bank has the worst customer service ever. honestly it takes up to two hours to speak to a representative. it's so ridiculous that the people you speak to are really rude to you. this bank definitely needs to do better because it just keep getting worse."

Andrea Dan Steinsdorfer says

"This bank changed my over draft coverage WITHOUT NOTICE / ALERTS and I was charged $504 in fees unknowingly for 2 weeks until I looked at my bank on pay day.
THEY see it was not changed by me because I demanded an investigation and still they could not get me my money back even though the manager agreed with me that this was unacceptable. All she was able to do was put in “a customer complaint” for me.
DO NOT USE US BANK. After talking with people I am not the first one this has happened too. A lot of people left this bank because of that! How is this even legal????"

Lu Ro says

"I was depositing Cash at ATM $400.00 , the ATM screen read deposit error. Transaction cancelled. My cash was not returned. My card was returned with a receipt that read. Error transaction. No account # given or amount. . The teller said he would file a report and it would take 10 days, because the ATM is not serviced for a couple weeks. That Banking for you. Don't trust the ATM"

Linette Vanegas says


I currently had a mortgage with US BANK and looked into getting it into getting it refinance. I spoke with Kevin Artinger and at times I felt he didn’t answer my questions and was more political based. Saying things such as the “virus will go away after the election.” Then later saying that refinancing is like me not drinking Starbucks so much. Wow. This made me realize because I had a young voice on the phone he assumed I loved Starbucks. Well thankfully I will NOT refinancing with US bank since I can get 2.8% elsewhere instead of 3%. He did not earn my business whatsoever. I will be taking my savings for my .2% over 30 years to purchase more Starbucks.

Also I purchased this home with my mother, and he instead assumed saying “yes so talk to your partner” when he saw her name on the account. Yes, he thought I was gay.

Anyways, you should really check his quality assurance as this is my profession too.
Phone call happened

Sept 15 2020"

Duffy One says

"When we opened an account with US Bank we were advised of several fees to open, but were not told that we would be changed $95 to close the account. When they had nothing worthwhile to offer us we closed the account and they proceeded to take $95 out of our IRA account.

So beware of ALL CHANGES that US Bank will try to sneak by you."

Loren Million says

"Sadly they are behind the times. Their online banking app is almost impossible to access. They could not pass a check in a bathroom. Pathetic service. Good luck with them and try and stay out of their way. They suck."

Ian McIntosh says

"Worst customer service on the planet, they make promise they don't keep, they transfer your calll and hang up on you, they try to blame you for their issues and to top it all off they kept calling me by the wrong name! Over a month to receive a new card and now they are having issues activating and I need to call back the next day and the next day and so on.. Do they care, absolutely not, move on to the next sucker! Just so you know, ask for a US based call center and they will totally lie about where they are located and then evade any question about getting to a US call center. 5 calls this morning, still never resolved the issue"

Liz says

"I have a account with US Bank Because my mom Name is on the account first. I cant cash the checks from that account without having to pay a fee. Even though the account is in my name. My name is on the account but I am not aloud to cash the check from my account."

Natalie M says

"Ive spent over a year trying to get the $$ they said I was owed but just disappeared? 5 hours, 13 supposed escalations and not one employee can do a thing. I hope the feds shut this terrible joke of a company down."

Kavin Nilpradab says

"US Bank's systems & processes are the most archaic of any institution I've ever banked with. They have tons of processes in place to ostensibly protect you, the consumer, but providing verification to get through those processes requires jumping through hoop after hoop. On top of that their portals for bank, mortgage, & credit card are all disconnected and often down or
outright buggy preventing login in the first place.

The lone bright spot is the mortgage advisor I've been lucky enough to be paired with. As great of an individual my mortgage advisor is, the rest of the organization is sub-par in almost every way.

This bank is decades behind other large banks when it comes to online accessibility and ease of use, stay away unless you enjoy spending time waiting in long lines at physical branches to get anything done"

Nedge Nelson says

"WOW...I have read all 127 plus reviews and so decided to add mine. To the thieving persons at US Bank I hope yall have your affairs in order cause the law will be paying you a visit real soon. Hijacking peoples account info, stealing thousands from people who have nothing already? REALLY? This unemployment reliacard money was a God send. For once, the little people got a win. Then to have the actual bank employees or organized gangs or whoever actually set up this elaborate crime ring to steal US Bank customer money is a sad situation. I always have heart for people cause I know not having money or resources can make one do something not in their character. This time however, when they call me to testify I sure the hell will. Put my 900.00 back into my account US Bank. I have sent in 2 police reports an FTC complaint a CFPB complaint a BBB complaint plus an affidavit and my license. Pull the damn ATM footage and verify that I did not withdraw that money. Next stop the Attorneys General of TX FL and MN. Someone will listen to me if it takes me 10 years."

TheMesenger says

"This mfuckas tryna tell me where to use my money, how to use my money... WHAT ? Then customer service lady was so ruled like she was talking to her homeboy. Nah this is not a bank. They worse then that word worse. Then she gone tell me is that how I talk to my girlfriend, nah homegirl, you still working as customer service, keep that standard. They block my card from most major retail companies to include Walmart, then they tell me, oh you can't use your card at Walmart. Nah hold on, I'm out with this fraudsters. Y'all got warned, I can't even give them uno star SMH"

Tracie Zambrana says

"Was trying to get information on a location that the drive thru would be opened. I called the customer service number and spoke with a representative named Maya. She was rude from the very beginning of the conversation. She cut me off in the middle of my sentences, got smart when I asked her to repeat herself because I didnt hear her as she was talking over me. Then she pit me on hold and didnt even tell me she was doing it. Rude, rude and rude. Customer service sucks and am thinking of changing banks."

Sharon Thompson says

"U.S. Bank purchased State Farm Bank so I was used to excellent service. I have never seen so much incompetency EVER!! If negative things happened once or twice--well, so be it. But almost every time I have to do business with them, they don't know the answers, connect me to the wrong person, or say they did something, and only later I find out that they never completed the transaction. I have already removed 4 accounts from this bank and the exit will continue. Beware of working with this bank. They need new management!!"

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